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Big Red Post Puller

The world is full of fences. What does a person do when it is time to replace that old worn out fence and posts?  Spend hours of backbreaking labor to dig out concrete bound fence post? NOT ANYMORE!!!  Now you can buy the ultimate tool!

The Big Red Post Puller has been tried and tested in the market & has proved invaluable to homeowners and those in fencing industry. Fencing contractors will save hundreds of man hours by using this innovative tool to cut their job time in half by renting or buying the Big Red Post Puller. The homeowner can also benefit form it's fast easy to use operation.There is no other tool like it.

We Offer a:

  • Fence Post Puller
  • Post Removing Device
  • Post Puller
  • Fence Post Remover
  • Fence Post Extractor